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Success Isn’t Enough . . . 

You Want To Be Legendary

You’re the queen of giving it your all. And that hard work has brought you crazy success . . . but at what cost? 

You have the focus, the drive, and the smarts . . . but you also have the exhaustion (and maybe the crow’s feet) to show for it. 

Even though you need a change, it’s hard to break the cycle of working endless hours. But you know that to achieve your ultimate vision, you gotta make waves with a different approach.

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But it’s hard to level up your business when:

  • You’ve tapped out your organic market and now you’re struggling to break into new circles
  • You’ve heard (or lived!) horror stories about ad agencies that cost tons of money and deliver nothing but trouble
  • You’re stuck at an income plateau but can’t imagine adding more hours to your day (In fact, you want to work less!)

Changes That Go Cha-Ching!

When each new lead feels hard-won (way too hard-won!), it’s time for a new approach!

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Unlock An Unforgettable Online Presence With . . .

Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok Ads Management


Get in front of an audience eager to engage and motivated to buy. We deliver full-service ads management, providing you access to a fresh audience packed with people ready to book your courses and fill your launches. 

We don’t just make ads. We make cool ads (the ones that snatch people’s attention and convert to endless leads without breaking a sweat!).

"I knew that to hit our growth goals ads were going to have to be part of the puzzle. I decided to link up with Shelby because I feel like her expertise in the online marketing space is fantastic. We started with an ad campaign to build an audience for a launch. We immediately had success with my lead magnet. We filled our launch, which had never happened before. I strongly recommend working with Shelby, especially if you have an online business."

Ryann Dowdy
Business Coach & Sales Expert

Meet Shelby!

Founder of Fempire Media, Facebook ads + online marketing expert, girl who loves to make you laugh and encourage the heck out of you. 

Shelby is passionate about helping entrepreneurs escape the long hours, get out of the hustle, and start to scale with an automated sales machine. 

"I had been burned in the past by people who said they knew how to run FB ads but it became massively apparent once they started that they had no idea what they were doing. I was referred to Shelby by someone I trust and I am beyond happy that I took that leap of faith. She and her team came up with awesome ad graphics and ad copy . . . not only that, but the results of the ad campaign have been amazing. They’ve exceeded my expectations. She has helped me triple my email list in the 3 months that we worked together. If you are on the fence, I can say with 100% confidence to go for it!"

Ally Rose
Author and Licensed Therapist

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