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Listen, I know you’re already a rockin’ boss.

You’re kicking ass, you’re taking names, you’re changing lives, and you’re making cash money! You COULD just sit back and say, “Yeah, that’s enough . . . I’m good.” But I KNOW you didn’t get to where you are without that DRIVE -- that HUSTLE -- that BURNING FIRE that has you wanting more.

More business. More success. More clients. More profit. More EVERYTHING.

I can feel your vibes through this screen right now, and I’m hearing “I AM SUCCESSFUL, HEAR ME ROAR!” . . . but I’m also picking up that inner voice . . . the one that’s been telling you “I am oh-so-ready to LEVEL UP my biz -- but I don’t know where the heck to start scaling on social!”

Right here, baby. Right here.

In this FREE training, I’m spilling my secrets of how to strategize, scale, and succeed with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Sit down, buckle up, and get ready to learn A TON of information in just a week (WAY more than you’d learn in one of those paid courses, tbh . . .)

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During this free training, you will learn:

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THE step-by-step recipe on how to create and run an ad from scratch (like baking quarantine sourdough - but easier)
Whether you’re a total newb or you’ve been around the Facebook block a few times, I’m going to show you exactly how to set up an ad for your biz (and let you in on some sweet new features if it’s been a while since you’ve run one!)

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The hack to swiping your competitors’ customers with your own ads (and getting them to purchase from YOU instead)
Yeah, it’s possible to hijack their audience to become #1 in your niche, and your girl here is gonna show you how.

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How to become a Copy and Creative QUEEN
Between your killer copy and out-of-this-world graphics, your customers will be yellin’ "HELLLL YA!" There's a science to good ad copy and graphics -- and I'm going to break it down for ya!

Join us for the freakin’ awesome LIVE + FREE 5-Day Irresistible Facebook Ads Workshop

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Oh! I guess I should introduce myself . . .

Hi, I'm Shelby! I'm the founder of Fempire Media LLC, and we are a crazy-brilliant Facebook and Instagram Ads Agency! 

We work with 6- and 7-figure online coaches and course creators like you who are hungry for growth. But we know that not every coach or course creator is ready to hire someone like us to run their ads for them . . . so I'm going to teach you how to DIY your OWN ads in just 5 days!

No BS. No Fluff. All Biz. Served up with a side of major awesomeness!


Save your seat to the live 5-day training


Okay, Shelby . . . you seem pretty cool but like, why should I sign up?

  1. Well, first off -- It’s freaking FREE ya’ll!! In a world where everyone is selling something, we’re giving our best content to coaches for zip, zilch, NADA -- just because we can.

  2. In this workshop, we’re literally teaching you how to make more money. LITERALLY. A free course that shows you how to make MORE MONEY with a business you already have! (WTF are you doing, click register already girl!)

  3. You get a bomb AF workbook made specifically for coaches, consultants, and course creators. It’s packed full of dope tips to use and reference for years to come.


Blow up your income, rev up your revenue, and get ready to grow, baby. This is YOUR YEAR TO SHINE! 


(And I mean so bright that it surpasses that ‘bright like a diamond’ metaphor!)

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Backed by the Fempire Media Guarantee: You will walk away from this training feeling CONFIDENT that you can build and scale the business of YOUR dreams by implementing my proven strategies. Whatcha waitin’ for, woman?